Thursday, 10 June 2010


Dubstep has become something of a generic brand recently. You have more 'mainstream' artists releasing filthy, filthy tunes that make the kids fill the dancefloor, and then there is the minimal/funky influenced dubstep, which is catered for a more 'refined' ear. Lurka, in my opinion, is creating a middle ground between these two states of dubstep.

Lurka is a 21 year old producer hailing from Bath, a town not too far from dubstep's cultural home of Bristol. His MySpace lists forward thinking dubstep extraordinaire Headhunter and Drum & Bass label METALHEADZ as his influences, so you can grasp an idea of what his music sounds like.

There's no news of any releases yet, but Lurka is definitely one to watch out for.

Listen to his tracks on SoundCloud:

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